SERVICE TEAMS - Beth Hoffman 567-277-4356,

The Village is not a "Country Club" church.  We believe we are called to change the world for the better.  We believe in Jesus' radical call to feed the hungry, house the homeless, clothe the poor, and fight for equality and justice for all.  Village Service Teams regularly participate in activies on all of these fronts. We have provided service to Interfaith Hospitality Network aka Family Promise, a group that provides housing for homeless families.  We also have assisted with Food For Thought, a group that provides lunches to the homeless in Downtown Toledo.  We have volunteered at the Northwest Ohio Foodbank, sorting donating food to numerous community organizations and food pantries. Beyond, IHN/Family Promise, members of the Village frequently help serve the hungry at community meals.   The Village is active in justice oriented groups as well including Jobs with Justice and Equality Toledo.  Interested in changing the world, contact Beth about getting involved in an existing project, or starting your own service team.




CONNECTION GROUPS -  Contact Pastor Cheri at 419-297-8031,

In order to serve God, we need to take care of ourselves as well.  The Village Connection Groups are about doing just that.  At the Village we believe it is necessary to take time to nurship the body and soul and balance of that inward care, along with the outward journey of service, is key.  Village Connection groups include Bible and book studies, movie groups, and special interest groups (e.g. a study on spanish and hispanic culture).  They also include fun and fitness activities like the Village Biking Group.  Want to learn more, contact Pastor Cheri. 




TECHNOLOGY TEAM  Leader - Teresa Hagedorn - - 419-283-3709

 Our high tech, multi-sensory worship services don't just happen by themselves.  A dedicated group of photographers, artists, powerpoint technicians, sound people, etc do the behind the scenes work throught the week and on Sunday mornings that make it possible. If you like to find and capture beautiful images, remember movie and TV show scenes, or like to run sound, you might want to join our Tech Team. Talk to Teresa on Sunday morning at the tech booth. 




HOSPITALITY TEAM  - Leader -  Ginny Borrusch,, 419-308-0007.

To ensure our guests feel at home, a dedicated team of volunteers make sure that we have food, coffee, smiling faces and knowledgeable folks to welcome you to the Village each week.  Like to talk to new people, love to play Hostess or Host, or just make new friends.  Contact Ginny about joining our Hospitality team.






 MARKETING TEAM - Leader -Kurt Young - 419-215-9550

Are you good with computers, websites, or social media (Facebook, Twitter, Linked In, etc)? Do you love thinking of new marketing ideas?   Do you love to get out into the community and offer radical hospitality and spread the news about a church that is changing the world?  Do you just like grilling hamburgers and hot dogs?  Then think about joining the marketing team.  Helping spread the word about a movement that is trying to follow Jesus and change the world needs some people who like spreading the word.  Contact Kurt Young to get involved.